Bukem in Session -LTJ Bukem feat. MC Conrad-6 Mar@ Blue Frog

Bukem In Session - LTJ Bukem featuring MC Conrad

日期: 2010年3月6日 星期六
地點: 澳門威尼斯人 藍蛙
時間: 晚上10:30至 - 早上6:00

DJs: LTJ Bukem featuring MC Conrad
其他演出嘉賓: Fat Demon (HK), Saiyan (HK/Macau), MC Capas (Singapore), VJ Ocular (HK)
門票: 預售$260 (www.macau.com), 即日$320 。包一杯飲品

天皇級Drum n' Bass巨星LTJ Bukem將伙拍MC Conrad於亞洲區巡迴演出. 而香港Dn' B 團體Magnetic Soul亦成功邀請到這位Drum n' Bass 界備受尊重的Good Looking廠牌長老LTJ Bukem 與唸唱猛人MC Conrad搭檔首次來澳!

LTJ Bukem本名Danny Williamson, 來自於英國. 是Dn'B音樂家,創作人以及DJ. 在雙親深愛古典樂的薰陶下, LTJ Bukem是一位古典音樂鋼琴師.拉赫曼尼諾夫,
柴可夫斯基的音樂也影響了LTJ Bukem. 後來他們搬到 Watford, LTJ Bukem的音樂老師 - Nigel Crouch啟蒙了 LTJ Bukem開始接觸融合爵士的世界. 80 年代, LTJ Bukem 17歲的那一年, 他開始於英國的 Pub 以DJ身份播放唱片. 1987 年時,他播放的 DJ Set 已獲得好評, 1988 年, LTJ Bukem 開始意識到 DJing 這個工作可以成為他一生的職業. 他以跳躍的碎拍,活潑的旋律,優雅的節奏,結合了爵士樂音樂的遐想空間,為Dn' B的音樂風格開創了一條全新的未來之路. 1990年代陸續發表的"Logical Progression"、" Progression Sessions"、"Earth"系列專輯,成立了自家廠牌"Good Looking Records",開啟Drum 'n' bass結合jazz、ambient的全新視野!

當LTJ Bukem與MC Conrad配對演出時,呈現Drum 'n' bass高張壓力的完美爆發,讓全場爆滿的派對動物欲罷不能、直呼過癮!2010年3月6日星期六, Bukem In Session - LTJ Bukem featuring MC Conrad 勢必成港澳跳舞樂迷的盛事!

預售門票有限, 欲購從速:

Bukem In Session - LTJ Bukem featuring MC Conrad
Date: Saturday, March 6th, 2010
Venue: Blue Frog - The Venetian, Macau
Time: 10:30PM - 6:00AM
DJs: LTJ Bukem featuring MC Conrad
Support: Fat Demon (HK), Saiyan (HK/Macau), MC Capas (Singapore), VJ Ocular (HK)
Cost: $260 advance (www.macau.com), $320 door w/drink

Facebook Event Page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=306591468952

LTJ Bukem featuring MC Conrad will be appearing in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand (3 Dates), Singapore, Shanghai, Taipei, and Macau.

LTJ Bukem / goodlooking Biography:
Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/goodlookingtv
Discography/Bio/Photos: http://www.nme.com/artists/ltj-bukem
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/goodlookingrecords
Recent Interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7IN-7hnmL0

LTJ Bukem is the stage name used by the drum and bass musician, producer and DJ Danny Williamson (born 1967, London). He is most associated with the jazzy, atmospheric side of drum and bass, and his record label Good Looking Records, which defined and remains near-synonymous with the subgenre. Williamson was raised in Watford, England. He was trained as a classical pianist and discovered jazz fusion in his teenage years, having a jazz funk band at one stage. However by the late 1980s he decided to become a DJ, and gained fame in the rave scene of the early 1990s. As a producer, he released a series of classic jungle tracks such as Demon's Theme (1991), Atlantis and Music (1993).

He then dipped in visibility as a producer, with his work running legendary London club night Speed and his record label Good Looking Records coming to the fore. A series of compilations entitled Logical Progression highlighted a jazz and ambient influenced side of drum and bass. The style became widely known as intelligent drum and bass, although Bukem himself maintained opposed to the moniker, unhappy with the implication that other styles of jungle were not intelligent. Bukem also explored the downtempo end of electronic lounge music, with sister label Looking Good and the Earth series of compilations. Some of the artists who rose to fame under Good Looking in this period include Blame, Seba, Big Bud, Blu Mar Ten, Future Engineers, and Artemis.

On July 16, 1995 he did an Essential Mix alongside MC Conrad. In 1997 he remixed the James Bond theme for David Arnold's concept album of James Bond music. In 2000 he finally released a debut solo album, the double-CD Journey Inwards. The album heavily emphasised his jazz fusion influences. 2001 saw a remix of Herbie Hancock.

He DJs extensively around the world, often under the Logical Progression or Progression Sessions banner, with other Good Looking artists and house MCs Conrad and DRS.

In 2009, he released a Fabric Live CD - LTJ BUKEM : FABRIC LIVE 46

MC Conrad
Few people can lay claim to being the definitive voice of their profession, and although he'd hate to admit it, it just so happens that MC Conrad is one of those few. From his formative rave days and partnership with LTJ Bukem, through Speed and onto the present day, MC Conrad has come to be regarded as a defining element in the drum and bass scene worldwide. His raps bring together thoughts and feelings culled from all aspects of life, personally organised to complement the music and to connect with those who are listening.

Music has always been an influence: Conrad spent his formative years engrossed in the family record collection, whilst absorbing a variety of vocal styles and music genres. Although, it wasn't long before he began to develop his own individual tastes, of which early electro was his most favoured. This provoked his involvement with urban street music and its culture, and the first inkling of his desire to make music of his own. Conrad's first artistic tool came in the form of a microphone. Performing came naturally, and as a result it wasn't long before he began to rap for a local hip hop band where he began to develop his own individual style at a rapid rate.

Sadly, as his talent developed British hip-hop wasn't developing to Conrad's satisfaction and as a result Conrad decided to take his vocal talents elsewhere. The early rave scene was the ideal nesting ground for Conrad and with fate on his side it wasn't long before he managed to hook up with the now legendary LTJ Bukem. There were many replicas but their partnership has since proven to be the definitive DJ/MC partnership – representing the sound of an independent record label across the globe for more than a decade. Although Bukem's music may have initiated it with 'Demon's Theme', their partnership has continued it.

After numerous accolades, world tours, and a whole host of hugely popular vocal performances in both live and recoded arenas, most notably the classic Logical Progression and Progression Series of albums and events. In recent years Conrad has taken all his experience and thrown it into the studio. It's been a long road but his most recent productions have undoubtedly made it all worth while, most significantly his collaboration with label colleague Makoto. With support from just about every specialist radio show, and a whole host of premium DJs from around the world, 'Golden Girl' promises to be massive in 2004.

However 'Words 2 Be Heard' remains closest to his heart: a production collective that aims to put the live voice in its traditional place – at the front of a band. Bringing together vocalists, musicians and producers, they are a collective on a mission: to take dance music out of the sampler and onto the stage. Conrad hopes to remove the technological stigma so tightly attached to dance music and gain access to all the atmosphere and experimentation that live music insists upon. In keeping with the sprit of his performances as an MC, nothing remains static, and every performance promises to be different to the last.

These are exciting times for MC Conrad, as he continues to develop his style and his skills towards un-chartered territory.


Magnetic Soul & 3SIDEDSQUARE present The Macau NYE Party 2010 @ Blue Frog!!

Magnetic Soul & 3SIDEDSQUARE present

The Macau NYE Party 2010

To celebrate the coming of 2010, Magnetic Soul & 3SidedSquare present a NYE Party at Blue Frog, with 9 performers from Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, bringing you a unforgettable night with a blend of dubstep, drum n’ bass, breaks, and house music!

Date: 31st December (Thursday) 2009

Time: 22:00 – 6:00

Venue: Blue Frog at Venetian

Address: The Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel • Shop 1037 • Level 1, Grand Canal Shoppes • Cotai

Entrance: MOP$100 ONLY included 2 standard drinks

Line up:

DJ Asayo (Japan) - Top Japanese female Drum n’ Bass DJ since 1996.

Blood Dunza ( Hong Kong / HEAVY ) – The founder of HEAVY Crew in Hong Kong.

DJ Saiyan (Macau/Magnetic Soul) –Magnetic Soul Resident DJ

N1D (Macau/HEAVY) – The Dubstep Bad Boy, first Dubstep producer & DJ in Macau.

DJ Loboo (Macau) – Macau electronic music producer and DJ

Evolve (Macau) –Kit Leong & Hiyoko. the head honcho at DJ@work Records & Entertainment. Breaks & House. Live set.

DJ Furtas (Macau) –3SidedSquare Resident DJ

VJ Ocular (Hong Kong) – Half of the well-known VJ Crew Donuop

More info: http://www.magneticsoul.co.uk

除夕有咩節目? Blue Frog!!!

9位來自日本、香港以及澳門各地的著名DJ 以及VJ 將以Dubstep, Drum n’ Bass, Breaks 和House音樂打造一個令你熱血奔騰的除夕音樂派對,以最前線的音樂迎接2010的來臨!

日期: 31.12.2009

時間: 22:00 至 6:00

地點: 澳門威尼斯人渡假村藍蛙

地址: 澳門威尼斯人渡假村大運河購物中心1037鋪

門票: 葡幣一佰元- 包括兩杯飲品


日本著名女 Drum n Bass DJ - DJ Asayo

香港Magnetic Soul 主要團員DJ Saiyan

香港HEAVY主腦Blood Dunza

澳門Dubstep 壞男孩N1D

澳門電音先峰DJ Loboo

澳門 DJ@work電音組合 Evolve

澳門 3SidedSquare - DJ Furtas

香港著名VJ 團體 Donuop- VJ Ocular

更多資訊請瀏覽: http://www.magneticsoul.co.uk


2009 Hong Kong Electronic Music Festival

Facebook Event Page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=106270453261
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2009
Time: 10:00PM - 05:00AM
Venue: Sugar, 1 On Hing Terrace, Central, Hong Kong
Cost: $350 w/drink Advance, $420 w/drink @ the door

DJs: Roni Size + MC Dynamite, Dee Montero
Support DJs: Violent Jokes, Magnetic Soul (Kay C, Blood Dunza, & Saiyan), Red Label (The Arkham), Robot (Jay Pelmet & Mike The Unstoppable), Foundation One (Frankie Lam & AKW), PyR2 (EpZ & Nomad), Pimpin' Ain't Easy (DJ Enso)
MCs: Capas, Wonder
VJs: Ocular and Forivermann

2009香港電子音樂節是本年度電子音樂界的壓軸盛事. 當晚雲集二十一位來自世界各地的表演者於場內的兩個音樂空間為各樂迷帶來Hip Hop, Drum N Bass, Electro, Techno, House 及Electronica 多種不同的跳舞音樂. 其中極受注目的是格林美音樂大獎得主, 來自英國的殿堂級音樂人Roni Size以及Dynamite MC!

Roni Size 最受人注目的成名代表作莫過於1997組成傳奇Drum n’ Bass 組合Reprazent. Roni Size 及Reprazent 是將Drum n’ Bass 音樂推到顛峰的人物. 以Roni Size 為首的Reprazent成功以Drum n’ Bass 樂風攻陷世界各地之舞池, 其大碟”New Forms” 達白金銷量, 更勇奪音樂界的最高殊榮-- 格林美音樂大獎. 而Reprazent 的Live 演出亦得到多項提名, 其中包括2008年UK festival 的最佳跳舞音樂演出.

Roni Size 及Reprazent 是國際級大型音樂節的常客, 其中包括邁阿密的Ultra Music Festival, 東歐的Exit Festival, Summer of love Festival, 倫敦的Get Loaded in the Park Festival, 洛杉磯的Coachella Festival, 澳洲的Good Vibrations Festival等.

另一位演出者 Dee McAuley aka Montero是多間Ibiza超級夜店Amnesia, Pacha, Space 及Café Mambo的駐場DJ, 亦被邀請到世界不同的著名夜店倫敦的The Cross, 巴黎的Redlight, 杜拜的Trilogy, 雅典的Luv Club, 峇利的Déjà vu, 等.

2009香港電子音樂更邀請了本地頂尖的跳舞音樂好手聯盟演出, 其中包括多媒體藝術音樂節ClockenFlap 幕後主腦Robot 的Jay Pelment 及 Mike The Unstoppable; 法國五月節電子音樂會發動組織PyR2 的EpZ 及Yann; 近年來活躍於香港, 集潮流及音樂文化於一身的Pimpin' Ain't Easy 創辦人之一DJ Enso; 被HK Magazine 譽為“Trend Setting Event Organizers” 之本地Drum n’ Bass 團隊Magnetic Soul的Kay C, Saiyan, Blood Dunza (HEAVY); Red Label的Arkham; Foundation One 的 Frankie Lam 以及 AKW; 電子音樂樂隊Violent Jokes, 以及VJ Ocular 和 VJ Forivermann, 聯手合力打造2009最強跳舞音樂之夜!

The 2009 Hong Kong Electronic Music Festival is set to be THE Electronic Dance event of 2009. The event will be held at Sugar and consist of 2 separate rooms with 21 performers who will be showcasing a blend of Hip Hop, Drum N Bass, Electro, Techno, House, and Electronica.

The event will be headlined by Mercury Music Award winning British music producer Roni Size and Dynamite MC.

Roni Size and Reprazent have headlined or are headlining several major festivals worldwide this year including Ultra Music Festival at the Winter Music Conference in Miami, Exit Festival Eastern Europe, Summer of love Festival Eastern Europe, Get Loaded in the Park Festival in London, Coachella Festival in Los Angeles, Good Vibrations Festival in Perth, and now the 2009 Hong Kong Electronic Music Festival.

Roni Size came to prominence in 1997 as the founder and leader of Reprazent, a Drum and Bass collective. That year they won the Mercury Music Prize for their platinum selling album New Forms.

Reprazent's live performances have been nominated for several awards including best dance act at the 2008 UK Festival Awards.

Roni Size and Reprazent are iconic in that they have pushed the boundaries of both Hip Hop and Drum and Bass.

Also, headlining the event will be Dee McAuley aka Montero. Dee has held residencies at legendary super-clubs Amnesia, Pacha, Space and Café Mambo in Ibiza during the 2000 – 2005 summer seasons. Since then his international DJ schedule has seen him grace the decks at prestigious venues including The Cross in London, Redlight in Paris, Trilogy in Dubai, Luv Club in Athens and Déjà vu in Bali. Dee has also been in demand in Minsk, Kiev, Belgrade, Warsaw and Vilnius at Pacha. On top of that he’s had a line of successful releases on labels such as Renaissance, Audio Therapy and Duty Free Recordings, with heavy support from Sasha, Sander Klienenberg, Deep Dish and James Zabiela to name but a few.

The festival has also invited Hong Kong's prominent event promoter/DJs and top local talent such as Robot (Jay Pelment & Mike The Unstoppable - organizers of the Clockenflap festival), Foundation One (DJ's Frankie Lam and AKW), the electronica band Violent Jokes, PyR2 (EpZ and Yann - founders of the France Touches Hong Kong electro events), Magnetic Soul (named “Trend Setting Event Organizers” by HK Magazine), Red Label, Heavy, Pimpin' Ain't Easy (DJ Enso), MC's Capas/Wonder, and VJs Ocular and Forivermann.


澳門唯一Drum n Bass / Dubstep 派對 - Magnetic Soul presents BASS ATTACK 02 @ XLcreation – 3 Oct 2009 Mid Autumn Festival

Magnetic Soul presents BASS ATTACK 02 @ XLcreation – 3 Oct 2009 Mid Autumn Festival

Missed the Macao debut drum n’ bass / dubstep party on the typhoon night last time?
Magnetic soul is bringing you Bass Attack 02 with the support of the best dn’b/dubstep artists from Hong Kong and Macao!

Strong line-up with the Macao artists including DJ N1D, Sanja, Saiyan, Loboo plus Macao scratching DJ Shortgun’s debut DnB set to dance floor, we’ve also invited Blood Dunza and DJ Wash, the bosses of the well-known Hong Kong Dn’B crews HEAVY & Kongkrete Bass spinning along with MC Capas ( Singapore ), MC Rebearth (HK) & VJ Ocular (HK). This is promised to bring you a crazy full moon bass night!

Support Macao Drum n’ Bass/Dubstep scene! We are happening and we would love to share some real BASSSS with you!

假如你因颱風莫拉菲錯過了澳門史上首個Drum n’ Bass/ Dubstep低音派對- BASS ATTACK, 請注意-- 徇眾要求, 來自香港的Drum n' Bass 團隊Magnetic Soul 將於十月三日中秋月圓之夜舉辦BASS ATTACK 02!

BASS ATTACK 02 邀請了澳門的Dn’B / Dubstep好手包括DJ N1D, Sanja, Saiyan, Loboo 以及前Dr / Prophecy成員, 久休復出的scratching DJ Shortgun. 此外, 更有香港另外兩大Dn’B幫派HEAVY 和Kongkrete Bass的老大Blood Dunza 及 DJ Wash, 加上MC Capas, MC Rebearth二重MCing, VJ Ocular 的Visual助陣, 重量級陣容肯定為你帶來一個與別不同的瘋狂低音派對!


Dates: 03 OCT 09 SAT ( Mid Autumn Festival中秋佳節)
Time: 10pm – 3:30am
Venue: XLcreation (Macao)
Address: Av. do Coronel Mesquita, Nos 48-48D, Edf. Ind. Man Kei, 10B
美副將大馬路 48至48號D 萬基工業大廈10樓B座

$150 with 3 drinks. Ticket sells at door only.

Sannja (Macao/HEAVY) - Dubstep

N1D (Macao/ HEAVY) - Dubstep

Saiyan (Macao/Magnetic Soul) - Drum n' Bass / Dubstep

Loboo (Macao) - Drum n' Bass

DJ Shortgun (Macao) – Drum n’ Bass

Blood Dunza (Hong Kong/Magnetic Soul/HEAVY) - Drum n' Bass / Ragga Jungle http://www.myspace.com/heavyhongkong

DJ Wash (Hong Kong/Kongkretebass) – Drum n' Bass / Dubstep

Rebearth MC (Freestyles) (Hong Kong / Montreal)

MC Capas (Singapore)
VJ Ocular (Hong Kong)

Ticket: $150 with 3 drinks.

Ticket sells at door only.

More info: http://www.magneticsoul.co.uk/

Join us at Facebook!


2009 Macao Electronic Dance Music Festival | 澳門電子音樂節2009

Macao Electronic Dance Music Festival 2009
Union Productions, in conjunction with EDM Global production, together with Lego productions, proudly present Macao Electronic Dance Music Festival at the prestigious CotaiExpo™ at The Venetian Macao ® , this is the first time in Macao history ever organize an all night dance event of such a massive scale.

CotaiExpo™ at The Venetian Macao is recognized as the biggest indoor all night dance event in China with a full capacity of over 6,000. This all night dance event will providing party goers with venues under one roof, with the Main arena playing Progressive and Trance, a Hip Hop room featuring Hong Kong's finest DJs , and The Magnetic Soul room presented exclusive by Magnetic Soul crew spinning a range of music including Breaks, Electro, Tech House, and Drum n' Bass.
DJ Christopher Lawrence (Voted #1 in the US –DJ Times Magazine), and top world class DJ/Producer Ronski Speed will take to the decks as the first ever DJs to play at this prestigious venue, with Lego Productions' DJ crew gracing the decks to kick off the night, and an exclusive closing set by EDM Global (Canada) DJ Michael L.
So be prepared for a memorable night, with mind-blowing stage set up, dazzling visual effects provided by VJ Donkie, the Venetian dancers setting the mood, and a world-class DJ line-up, playing the very best dance tracks, at what will be, the most extravagant all night dance event ever held in Macao.
This is the event of the year you will not want to miss!
Date: 29 Aug 2009
Time: 22:00 – 06:00
Venue: Hall D, COTAIEXPO ™ At The Venetian Macao ®
Ticket: MOP/HK$350 MOP/HK $438 With Round Trip CotaiJet™
Ticket Outlet: The Venetian Macao ®, www.CotaiTicketing.com, HK HMV, Union Productions Limited
Macao Information Hotline: +853-2882 8818
HK Information Hotline: +852-9328 3320 +852-6128 1760 +852-6185 8486

Main Arena
DJs: Christopher Lawrence (Voted #1 in the US – DJ Time Magazine) (Usa)
Ronski Speed (Germany)
Micheal L. (EDM Global) (Canada)
Matt H, Niki L + Pac W (Lego Prod) (Hong Kong)
Live Visual: VJ Donkie (Donuop)

Magnetic Soul Room (Breaks, Electro, Tech House, Dubstep, Drum n’ Bass)
DJs: AKW (Australia), Epz(France), Cookie(Usa), N1D(Macao), Saiyan(Macao)

Hip Hop Room
DJs: Funky V, Ryan Li, Jimi K, Yeodie
a) Must be 18 or above to enter
b) Smoking and non-smoking areas will be designated during the night.
c) Please party responsibly, strictly no illicit/illegal substance will be allowed.
d) The venue reserves the rights to refuse admission

在大廳中有Christopher Lawrence, Ronski Speed ,Michael L.,Niki L.,Matt H. 將演繹全球最流行之Trance,Electro, Progressive 和Tech House等不同音樂。
Christopher Lawrence
曾被DJ雜誌譽為美國最受歡迎的王牌DJ,在國際舞曲DJ界有些DJ只是追隨者,他卻是個真正的領導者,Christopher Lawrence是舉世公認的王牌DJ和製作人,不但獲選為「DJ雜誌2006全球百大DJ 」第4名,還奪走美國「DanceStar US Awards」的「全美國No.1 DJ」獎項,更被賦予「超級巨星DJ」與「全球最受歡迎的巡迴演出DJ」等稱號。
Ronski Speed
2007百大DJ的第44名來自東德的Ronski Speed,早在1997年以無窮的潛力被新廠牌
Euphonic簽下,2000年以傳奇單曲Glass Garden如同平地一聲雷轟動全球舞池,隔年以..征服樂迷並打進UK Top 10,02年..堪稱一曲定江山,03年的Iris再度成為猛獸大作,獲得全數傳思巨星支持,Paul van Dyk搶先收錄在Mixmag混音CD,當時的Ronski已在DI.FM熱烈開播個人專屬電台節目。在Incognition成為2005年最受歡迎及必備單曲後,Ronski已攻略全球各大電音嘉年華如Gatecrasher,Passion,WiLDCHiLD,Dance Academy,以及故鄉德國最盛大的Nature One Festival,並獲邀至Love Parade Mexico的200,000名舞客面前演出。
Michael L. , Matt H. , Niki L.
加拿大藉華人Michael L.己有十多年打碟經驗,曾與多位頂尖音樂人合作,包括有Andy Moor, Kyau & Albert,Ronski Speed等電子音樂界強人作出多方面音樂交流,於2006年與Paul Van Dyk合作被指為最有潛質的華人DJ其中之一,而Michael最喜愛的音樂類型為Uplifting 和 Driving Trance,喜歡Trance的你絕不能錯過!另外DJ Matt H. 與DJ Niki L.同於2008年Sony BMG DJ Competition HK中分別得到冠軍與季軍,所以技術與資格絕對鑊受肯定!

偏廳A為Magnetic Soul Room
Magnetic Soul為世界知名的Drum & Bass 派對舉辦團體,主要演繹現歐美最流行之Drum & Bass音樂,更請來黎自澳洲的DJ AKW,法國的EpZ,美國的Cookie和澳門當地的N1D與Saiyan等出色的Drum & Bass DJ,提供最前衛的音樂。

偏廳B為HipHop R&B Room
由香港Clubbing界四大Hip Hop R&B DJ包括DJ Funky V,DJ Ryan Li,DJ Jimi K,DJ Yeodie攜手演繹出不同的Hip Hop R&B潮流文化,加上各DJ融合各種不同的混音風格,打造出前所未有的火花。務必另在場人仕情緒高漲,狂野調調 ,在這個包羅萬有金光閃閃的音樂夜,保證另你有個難忘的晚上。

日期: 2009年8月29日
時間: 22:00 – 06:00
地點: 澳門威尼斯人酒店金光展館 Hall Dhttp://www.venetianmacao.com
可於威尼斯人酒店售票處,www.CotaiTicketing.com,香港 HMV, Union Productions Limited 及電話預售。
查詢: 澳門 853-2882 8818香港 852-9328 3320 852-6128 1760 852-6185 8486


Future Sound of Hong Kong

Facebook Event Page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=261609570552

Date: Sat, 22 Aug 2009 - 11:00PM
Venue: Bassment
Address: L/G 13 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central
Cost: $100 w/drink
DJs: N1D, Saiyan, ArNe, Redman, DJ IAMHAYES, Re:Flex
MCs: Capas

Enjoy Hong Kong's freshest and up and coming Dubstep and Drum N Bass talent in Central's newest late night basement club.

N1D (Heavy, Macau)www.myspace.com/n1d
Saiyan (Magnetic Soul, Macau)www.myspace.com/saiyandemacao
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Bass Attack Press

Bass Attack Press

"歷史性一刻"- 澳門日報- 布蘭頓
"The historic moment" - Macau Daily. Article by Brandon.

"Novos sons ao ataque " - Hoje Macau- Emanuel Graça
"New sounds to attack" - Hoje Newspaper - Interview by Emanuel Graça

Bass Attack - Aomen TV


我們的四周年!! Magnetic Soul 4 Year Anniversary with Total Science and MC Riya

國際級Drum N’ Bass 組合Total Science(Paul Smith aka spinback and Jason Greenhalgh aka Q Project) 行走Drum N’ Bass 界近二十年, 不論是Producing或Djing 各方面均是一流的水平. 於Drum N’ Bass 運動中創作了無數經典. 其廠牌C.I.A. 與各DnB 紅人發行的作品多不勝數. 早已是Drum N’ Bass 界無人不曉的人物. 他們的 'Greatest thing' 攻破英國跳舞榜, 'Never Had a Dream'進佔英國跳舞榜榜首位置. 其代表作Champion Sound更是Junglist國歌之一!

本地Drum N’ Bass 團體Magnetic Soul, 一直積極推動Drum n’ Bass 文化, 舉辦了超過80個DnB派對, 為大家帶來世界各地高質素的Dn’B 藝人. 今年踏入四周年, 邀得英國DnB Icon Total Science 及 女MC Riya破天荒首次來港, 加上Magnetic Soul 全體DJ, MC Wonder, MC Capas, VJ Ocular 及VJ Forivermann 坐鎮, 8月1日 Backstage肯定為你帶來一個等待已久的瘋狂低音之夜!!
To commemorate our somewhat overdue 4 year anniversary, we are hosting DNB Icons - Total Science and MC Riya for their first time in Hong Kong! With the support from all Magnetic Soul DJs plus MC Wonder, MC Capas, VJ Ocular and VJ Forivermann.

With four albums under their belts, countless dancefloor anthems to their many names, and 17 years experience, it's hard to sum up what Total Science is all about in just a few lines. Total Science (Paul Smith aka spinback and Jason Greenhalgh aka Q Project) is a living legend. They are two of the most prolific producers within the drum & bass movement, being responsible for what is widely considered the biggest, baddest, most devastating jungle anthem of all time: Champion Sound! Total science producing top class music that was desired by everyone. C.I.A and Advanced witnessed the release of an array of tracks from talented producers such as Juju's 'Mojohand/Nomad', Calibre & Zero Tolerance's 'Diamonds and Pearls' and State of Mind's 'State of Mind Experience:Chapter 1/2 whilst Q-Project's 'Ask Not' and Total Science's 'Greatest thing' stormed their way through the UK dance charts. Their album single 'Never Had a Dream' reaching Number 1 in the UK Dance charts and a host of tracks from it being played by the likes of Hype, Fabio, Golde, Zane Lowe, Ronnie herel and Trevor Nelson.

They have recoded for pretty much every big D&B label such as Goldie's Metalheadz, Fabio's Creative Source, V Recordings, Renegade Hardware, 31 Records, True Playaz, Reinforced and Soul:r etc.

Magnetic Soul has held 86 events @ 25 venues in Hong Kong in 4 years, three of which were charity events. We have hosted International DJs included Nu:Tone, A-Sides, Suv, Sonic, Lenzman, TC1 & Stress Level, Pendulum, Dieselboy + MC Messinian, Spectrasoul, Fabio, Randall, Outrage, Makoto & Deeizm, Utah Jazz, Ed Rush & Optical, DJ Fresh, Marcus Intalex & Doc Scott, Calibre + DRS. We have hosted 10+ Regional guests from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Jakarta, Perth. Magnetic Soul DJs have played in several locations in China, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, and soon Macau! Let’s come and have a birthday shout to Magnetic Soul!

Magnetic Soul 4 Year Anniversary with Total Science and MC Riya

Date: 01 August 2009

Time: 10:30PM-Late

Venue: Backstage Live

Address: 1/F Sompteux Central, 52-54 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong

Entrance: $200 Before Midnight, $250 After including Red Bull/Mixer

Lineup: Magnetic Soul Residents - Cookie, Blood Dunza,Saiyan, Fat Demon, Teem, and J-P Lui

MCs: Wonder and Capas

VJs: Ocular and Forivermann


澳門史上首個真正以音樂掛帥的低音派對- Magnetic Soul presents BASS ATTACK @ XLcreation - the Debut Dn'B & Dubstep event in Macau!

Magnetic Soul presents BASS ATTACK @ XLcreation - the Debut Dn'B & Dubstep event in Macau!

Being the most prolific drum and bass crew in Hong Kong, Magnetic Soul has produced over 80 quality dn'b events with international DnB artists and top regional talents such as BBC Radio 1 DJ Fabio, Pendulum, DJ SUV, Dieselboy, Doc Scott, Marcus Intalex, DJ Fresh, Ed Rush & Optical, Makoto etc.

In this summer, Mangetic Soul is going to bring the party culture of Drum n’ Bass and Dubstep to the people of Macau, with the support from HEAVY crew and the Macau Dn'b/Dubstep pioneers!

Do not miss the opportunity to join this first dn’b and dubstep night in macau! Let’s show your support to the HK/MACAU/SG junglists and dubsteppers!

作為香港最具代表性的Drum n' Bass 團隊之一, Magnetic Soul多年來一直致力推動Drum n' Bass 文化,為大家帶來高質素的Drum n' Bass藝人及派對。自2005起,Magnetic Soul 主辦了超過八十個Drum n' Bass派對,其中包括國際一級藝人BBC Radio 1 DJ Fabio, Dieselboy , Pendulum, Calibre 與 DRS, Doc Scott, Marcus Intalex, DJ Fresh, Ed Rush & Optical, DJ SUV 等不能盡錄。

今年夏天Magnetic Soul將聯同以重型DnB及Dubstep見稱的HEAVY Crew以及澳門Drum n' Bass及Dubstep界的先鋒人物,打造澳門史上首個真真正正以音樂掛帥的低音派對,為澳門樂迷展示兩地之低音文化。

Dates: 18 JUL 09 SAT
Time: 10pm - 3am
Venue: XLcreation ( Macau )
Address: Av. do Coronel Mesquita, Nos 48-48D, Edf. Ind. Man Kei, 10B
美副將大馬路 48至48號D 萬基工業大廈10樓B座


Sannja (Macau/HEAVY) - Dubstep

N1D (Macau/ HEAVY) - Dubstep

DJ Zuju (Macau) - Dubstep

Saiyan (Macao/Magnetic Soul) - Drum n' Bass

Lobooo (Macau) - Drum n' Bass

Blood Dunza (HK/Magnetic Soul/HEAVY) - Drum n' Bass / Ragga Jungle

With the support from
Rebearth MC (Freestyles) HK / Montreal

MC Capas (Singapore)

VJ Ocular (HK)

Ticket: $100 with drink. Ticket sells at door only.

More info: http://www.magneticsoul.co.uk

Join us in facebook now!!!